Vossen World Tour Toronto Part I

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The Vossen World Tour Toronto was one of the most fun this year. We have a huge number of supporters that came out in full force for the week we were there and this first video and photo gallery showcases some of these amazing people and some of the lovely scenery. We cannot say enough thanks to the Importfest crew who were amazing hosts as well as the team at JRP.

We were so excited to finally be able to show Toronto all the love it has shown us. Enjoy this first video showcasing not only some amazing Audi, Mercedes, Infiniti vehicles but the beautiufl Pfaff tuning shop and some sights of Toronto.

This amazing G37 won “Best Wheels” at Importfest

 Custom CV7s. This G37 also featured an Air Suspension.

Clean Audi with CV3 wheels

Another beautiful Audi Coupe with CV5’s

Beautiful Pfaff Building with a Beautiful Audi S5 on CV1’s. We will feature the Pfaff facility in the blog soon!

Audi S5 with CV7’s

Sinister E63 AMG 

Some beautiful Toronto Scenery

At work!

7 series with custom painted CV3’s. You likely notice the twin curvy buildings in the background, from what we were told they were designed to look like a woman’s body. No matter if you agree they were successful or not with the build, it is original and the team at Vossen loves originality.

We hope you enjoyed the first video from the Vossen World Tour Toronto and these photos.  You can see the full set at our Flickr gallery!

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