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Cadillac’s supercharged CTS-V gets the all new flow formed technology Vossen VFS-5 upgrade

When it was time for some more power, our good friend Iqbal (@iqbalsinghh on IG) decided it was time to leave his highly modified slammed G37. After much debate he decided on the powerful V-8 supercharged Cadillac CTS-V!

After lowing his CTS-V he came to us for ideas and we suggested the new flow-formed VFS-5!  Measuring 20×9 up front with a deep concave 20×10.5 fitment in the rear, the flared CTS-V fenders now look full! 

The VFS-5 completely transforms the look of this American super sedan! Grippy Toyo T1 Sport Tires keep this Cadillac planted to the ground!

Straight from the dealership, straight to the rim shop!!

The huge Brembo brakes have ample space behind the new VFS-5 wheel. One of the reasons for the new design features was to offer more room for big brakes. You can learn more by going here.

Iqbal did all the work on his bagged G37 so what will he do with his CTS-V? We are anxious to find out! You can click here for hi-rez photos.

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