“Nip Tuck TL” | Acura TL | Vossen CV3 | Concave 20×10.5

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Stanced out cars are the current popular theme and trend for many people who modify their cars as is the case with this Acura TL. Featuring 20×10.5 Vossen CV3’s all around, it gives this TL a much tougher look than stock.

This TL has been modified by painting the chrome grill front and rear white as well as adding a bodykit.

The wide 20×10.5 CV3s accent the modifications to this TL.

20×10.5’s all around give it an amazing stance and look. The huge inner lips of the CV3 will be sure to make people turn heads.

We hope you enjoy this “Nip Tuck” TL!

The lowered suspension adds to the look. Check out this rolling shot!

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