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Novitec Ferrari 488 GTB on Vossen Forged VPS-310 Wheels

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The Vossen Forged Precision Series is where our journey into in-house manufacturing first began, over five years ago now in 2013. While a few cars were used in the initial marketing of the forged program, the white 458 Italia was a standout, catching a lot of attention when it went for sale. The white 458 was soon sold and replaced with another 458, this time in Rosso Fuoco Opaco, a deep matte metallic red, which we managed to shoot with the original white 458 as well. Fast forward a few years, with a fully-operational, TÜV Verified forged wheel factory running around the clock, and the subject matter remains mostly the same, albeit slightly updated to stay current with the times; a duo of Novitec-outfitted (@novitecgroup) Ferrari 488 GTBs on Vossen Forged Wheels. The white 488 is part of Vossen’s fleet, wearing the Vossen Forged S17-01 wheels in brushed Dark Smoke finish and complementing the Rosso Corsa Novitec Ferrari 488 GTB on Vossen Forged VPS-310 wheels just perfectly.

Looking right at home in Prestige Imports’ (@prestigeimports) new showroom, the Italian duo lit up the night, showcasing the Novitec x Vossen style. German carbon fiber aero parts, American forged aluminum wheels and Italian turbocharged powerplants tend to light up just about anything, though.


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