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Vossen’s First Offroad-Focused Forged Series: The VFX & LCX Series

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Our truck-specific VFX and LCX series are crafted to cater to the unique needs of lifted trucks, diesel builds, and off-road focused setups. Offering our deepest concave profile yet, with a completely new range of designs, that complement the aesthetic of aggressive truck builds. We’ve incorporated an entirely new Center Cap Design machined from 6061 Billet Aluminum and technology to ensure these wheels are not only durable but also visually striking.

This launch represents a new chapter for Vossen, one where we extend our legacy into new territories, meeting the evolving needs of our customers. We’re excited to see the VFX and LCX series on the roads, transforming the look and performance of diesel trucks. With the growing popularity of our 6-lug offering in the truck world, we’ve decided to open up the applications not only to 6-lug and 5-lug applications, but now our first-ever 8-lug application. The Vossen VFX & LCX Series are available in 48 of our custom finishes and are offered in all size options from 20 to 24-inch with widths ranging from 10″ up to 14″.



Vossen LCX & VFX Series

5-Lug, 6-Lug, & 8-Lug Offroad Applications
8 Brand New Designs
Available Now

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