Vossen World Tour | Asia “Behind the Scenes”

Posted on February 2, 2013 by

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The Vossen World Tour | Asia has concluded and what an incredible two weeks! We cannot say enough about the friendliness and hospitality from all our wonderful hosts, fans, friends and clients. We learned new languages, we tried new foods and we saw first hand how each international city represented #teamvossen! From our first stop in Tokyo, to Seoul, to Beijing and Hong Kong each city was full excitement and energy. Some were cold, some were warm but one thing that was constant was the enthusiasm for the automobile shown.

Please enjoy our “behind the scenes” video showing over 5 minutes of coverage of our tour of Vossen owners all over Asia, thank you.

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Mike Forsythe

Vossen Marketing Director who loves talking about car culture with a specific background in Lexus ownership. Past vehicles have been featured on T.V, Magazines and SEMA with multiple car show wins for various awards.