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Introducing Vossen’s all-new finish: Tinted Gloss Black for the CVT, CV3-R and VFS-2 Wheels

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Vossen’s all-new finish, Tinted Gloss Black, is now available for the CVT, CV3-R and VFS-2 models. Originally debuted as a standard finish for the Hybrid Forged HF-1 wheel earlier this year, Tinted Gloss Black brings a new tone to some of Vossen’s most classic and trendsetting wheels.

Tinted Gloss Black Gallery

Vossen revisits the beginning of it’s directions movement. The monoblock directional CVT is now available in Tinted Gloss Black, a darker counterpart to the original Silver Metallic game-changer.

19″   /   20″   /   22″
Starting at $399 each, click here for more info.

Deep Lip, Five-Spoke Design. Back and ready to rejuvenate the concave five-spoke trend it first set: the CV3-R.

19″   /   20″   /   22″
Starting at $399 each, click here for more info.

The flow forming process maintains the integrity of the design while improving grain-structure of the aluminum, creating a stronger, lighter, and thinner forged-like rim barrel. Flow forming is the answer to the market’s demand for lightweight wheels that are more durable and enhance overall vehicle driving performance.

19″   /   20″   /   21″   /   22″
Starting at $499 each, click here for more info.

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