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Bugatti Chiron on Vossen Forged LC2-C1 Wheels

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A few years ago we traveled out to Los Angeles for a very special shoot—a LaFerrari on a one-off forged wheel, part of the Vossen Bespoke Design Program. Designed and manufactured exclusively for a single LaFerrari, this was a revolutionary moment for the Vossen Forged program. Never before had we developed a wheel as a one-off, nor had Vossen Wheels been on such an exclusive or prestigious car as a the LaFerrari. The feeling of accomplishment and achievement spread like wildfire through Vossen’s entire Miami-based headquarters.

A mere three years and several exotic and hyper cars later, our LaFerrari client came to us with another sensational car: the Bugatti Chiron. Unmistakeable lines and styling make the Chiron one of the most extraordinary and tasteful cars ever produced, with this particular sample in a dark blue and light blue two-tone colorway. A light blue interior keeps the dark and light hues separated to each axle of the car and the slate was ours to do as we pleased, wheel-wise.

The Bugatti Chiron is such a bold, aggressive automotive design statement that we were compelled to choose something equally unique in the wheel department. The Vossen Forged LC2 Series and the Chiron seemed like the perfect pair. The LC2-C1, one of nine inner and outer face design combinations, blends a split-five initial look with an aggressive, directional twist. First polished, the wheel’s face was then brushed to create a masterful contrast of textures before being powder coated in our Light Smoke transparent finish option.

Our Southern Californian friends at Need4Speed Motorsports (@need4speedmotorsports) and O’Gara Coach (@ogaracoach) assisted with car handling and fitting of the wheels and tires, taking the utmost care and complementing the passion, performance and precision that defines the Vossen brand. The next day we found ourselves beside the ocean, with the sun quickly on its way down and the light just right, cameras in-hand and ready to shoot!

Bugatti Chiron on Vossen Forged LC2-C1 Wheels

Need4Speed Motorsports (@need4speedmotorsports)
O’Gara Coach (@ogaracoach)
JP Logistics (@jp_logistics)

Video: Anthony Delapaz (@dela_vossen)
Feature Photos: Vito (@photographybyv)
Additional Photos
: Sam Dobbins (@sdobbins_photo)



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